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Premier Academy School-Age Childcare

Premier Academy School Age Childcare, Omaha, NebraskaAt When it comes to deciding what to do with your child over the summer months, the list of options can seem endless. Many camps and programs open up during the summer months that keep your child busy during their summer break. But many parents are looking for summer programs that offer child care at the same time. It's not enough for some parents to simply keep their children busy during the summer months. They want them to use this time to continue their journey of personal growth and enrichment. Premier Academy Omaha and Elkhorn, Nebraska is the perfect school age daycare based system for parents seeking just such an opportunity for their children.


When you place your children with after school daycare in Omaha, Nebraska, or are seeking school age day care in Omaha, Nebraska, you don't want to send them just anywhere. You want them to continue their learning in a fun and positive way that will ensure they become more enriched. At Premier Academy, this is exactly what you get. Here you will get affordable childcare Omaha, Nebraska while still providing an enriching environment where your children can thrive during the summer months. This quality childcare based center holds education of your children as a top priority. We have many teachers on staff who are educators themselves, and who understand the need to continue education throughout the summer months. At Premier Academy, we make sure your child enters their next grade level fully equipped to succeed with any new material presented to them.

Reside in Elkhorn? After school daycare in Elkhorn, Nebraska and school age day care in Elkhorn, Nebraska are available at our Elkhorn location.  Here you will get affordable childcare Elkhorn, Nebraska while still providing an enriching environment where your children can thrive during the summer months.

Class time is held each day during the summer months a Premier Academy Omaha and Elkhorn, Nebraska. We have a certified teacher on hand that works with small groups and individuals to help them succeed throughout the summer months. Skills such as math, literacy, and writing are taught at appropriate grade levels for your child.

In addition to dedicated classroom time, our childcare center will provide a School Age Nature Camp this summer. We will be transforming our playground into an exciting nature conservatory where your children will not only be playing "in nature" but "with nature" as well. We are thrilled to be one of the few childcare centers to be offering this unique learning opportunity! This conservatory will be used to assist in our goals of "Inspiring Children's Spirit of Stewardship of Nature".

During this Nature Camp, your children will learn to become stewards of Nature, planting flower gardens, and even growing their own fruits and vegetables! They will learn to build roads with planks and dirt, and how to build structures with everything from tree limbs to recycled wood or blocks. All of their creations will be put on display in the butterfly garden, sunflower house, or shown in our nature theatre through plays and shows.

During our Nature Camp Premier Omaha and Elkhorn, Nebraska will cover these project areas:

Plants: Trees and Seeds
Air: Trees and Wind
Water: Rain and Native Plants
Soil: Composting and Recycling
Energy: Light and Heat
Animal and Insects: Bugs and Birds
Human Health: Sense of Wonder and Food and Gardening

If you are still unsure what to do with your child this summer, take advantage of the daycare Omaha, Nebraska center and the daycare Elkhorn, Nebraska center that keeps educating your child all summer long.

For more information about our school age childcare Omaha and Elkhorn, Nebraska programs, contact Premier Academy Childcare today!


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