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Tips and Tricks for Potty Training at Daycare

Childcare, Daycare, Quality Childcare, Best ChildcareWe face many challenges as parents, but toilet training may feel like one of the more daunting ones. And now that your child seems old enough to begin potty training, you also wonder how potty training works in childcare. Relax. Like every other aspect of daycare, you and your child's teacher will work as partners in the process of potty learning. Potty training while in a quality childcare or daycare setting may be easier than it is at home.
At Premier Academy, your toddler sees other children visiting the bathroom, which can create a powerful incentive and example. Teachers are usually very experienced in potty training and can offer you a lot of support. Many schools have toddler-sized toilets and sinks, which can make the process much less intimidating. Ask for the teacher's insights, and try not to compare your child to other children in the center. Soon, your days of changing diapers will be over and your toddler will seem oh, so grown up.

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Teaching Your Child Healthy Eating Habits

It’s never too early to teach your children healthy eating habits! Premier Academy Omaha & Elkhorn is here to help. As we know, children often times shy away from the raw veggie tray and the fruit salad bowl, preferring a grab-and-go bag of chips or high-sugar cereal instead. But healthy eating isn't all about broccoli and peas. It's about habits and routines.

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Family Fitness Ideas

If we didn't know it before, we know it now - being physically active and focusing on fitness is an important life priority beginning in early childhood to build healthy habits. At Premier Academy we provide quality childcare Omaha Nebraska, and we believe that not only does regular exercise and physical activity increase physical and cardiovascular health, it can improve sleep, reduce stress, increase attention and learning, and minimize illness. Because the habits and preferences children develop early in life will shape their choices and behaviors for years to come, it is critical to establish good physical activity habits now.

But knowing the importance of exercise & healthy habits and doing something about it are two different things. The average family has more commitments than time to meet them, from homework to basketball practice to piano lessons. It often seems impossible to fit one more thing into the schedule, no matter how good it is for you. Premier Omaha Nebraska and Premier Elkhorn Nebraska is here to help by making excersice and promoting a healthy lifestyle a part of our curriculum! 

One way to fit fitness into the schedule is to turn it into a family activity. Not only is daily physical activity a healthy goal for everyone in the family, it provides us with an opportunity to spend time together and offers an excellent model for young children as they see the adults in their family having fun with fitness right alongside them.

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Sunglasses and Eye Health

In the summertime, it’s second-nature to apply tons of sunscreen on our children to protect their skin from the harmful effects of the sun. But many times, as much attention as we give to their skin, we often overlook another area that can be damaged by the sun – their eyes.

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