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Building Healthy Parent-Teacher Relationships

" Teachers are often surprised to find out that parents in professional careers can be insecure or uncomfortable when it comes to talking  about their child. Even parents with post-graduate education in child development often have feelings of anxiety and insecurity when  communicating with teachers about their own children. So how can parents develop a positive parent-teacher relationship in order to  work together for the success of your child? Here at Premier Academy it is our goal to make sure each and every parent feels  comfortable communicating with our teachers and management.  This is the very definition of providing you quality childcare  Nebraska.

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5 Steps to Selecting a Daycare

A child is one of the most important members of society. There is no comparison when valuing life. For parents, one of the most difficult situations they are faced with is to entrust their child, whether an infant, toddler, or school aged child, into a stranger's care.

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