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Teaching Your Children About Friendship

Childcare, Daycare, Quality Childcare, Best ChildcareSome children are born social butterflies, intuitively understanding the art of making and keeping friends. Other children need a bit more support. Many children are naturally quiet or reserved and may not know how to start a conversation. Others need help in reading social cues, sharing toys, or taking conversational turns.

No matter where children fit on this social spectrum, they can benefit from the nurturing guidance and example of amazing teachers at a quality childcare like Premier Academy. Modeling how to be a friend is one of the most powerful lessons you can teach about friendship. Strike up conversations at the park with other parents. Be friendly and considerate to neighbors, teachers at your child's daycare, and people in the community. Talk with your child about how to get someone's attention, ask questions, and introduce himself. All these steps pave the way for later social interactions.


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Group & Individual Childcare - Overview

Child care is short-term care by someone other than a parent. There are two basic types of child care: individual and group.

Premier Academy has defined these services, allowing you to select the best childcare Omaha, Nebraska.

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Choosing a Daycare Center - Part 1

Choosing the proper daycare Omaha, Nebraska center for your child should be a carefully thought out and researched process. With some daycare centers Omaha, Nebraska being exceptional and some being just plain bad, it is important to pick a center that helps your child grow and develop his skills while also having fun.  Premier Academy has made a great list helping assist in finding the best childcare Omaha, Nebraska.

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