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Tips for a Smooth Morning Routine for Daycare

Why do mornings seem so difficult? For parents, especially working parents that use child care Omaha Nebraska, there is typically so much to do in a short period of time. "Morning is the time in which temperamental differences may be most evident - the child who is slow to get going clashes with the mother or father who is fast paced. Or the child who is crabby clashes with the parent who is also crabby," say authors Ellen Galinsky and Judy David in their book The Preschool Years: Family Strategies That Work - from Experts and Parents. Mornings also provide the perfect opportunity for children to assert their individuality. With the clock ticking for work and meetings, this is prime time for power struggles.

Whether your children are going back to school or struggling with a new morning routine, getting ready for school or daycare at Premier Academy Omaha Nebraska doesn’t have to be a struggle. The Canadian Child Care Federation offers these tips for discovering how to get ready for school in a way that works for your family.

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Walking – The Perfect Exercise

No time to exercise? Think again! As our kids head back to school, we’re squeezing more than ever into our hectic schedules. But you can work in plenty of physical activity for the whole family — simply by walking more. No other form of exercise is as easy, convenient and inexpensive. All you need is a pair of shoes and the will to get up and move.

Walking has the lowest dropout rate and the lowest injury rate of any exercise. It can help control weight, build healthy muscles, bones, joints and improve your mood. And just walking 30-60 minutes a day will improve anyone's overall health.

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A Back-to-School List for Parents: Five Tips to Prep

Back-to-school is around the corner, but don’t be daunted by the transition from summer fun to school schedule. Children take their cues from their parents, so it’s key for US to get into the back-to-school mind-set first. Here are my pain-free prep tips for parents – our stressless adjustment will filter down to the kids, making it smoother for everyone.


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